Ownership: Socratic-Style

Amanda Teacher: So can something you own own something? If I own this book, what does the book own?

Dead Meat, mumbles.

Amanda Teacher: What? I didn’t hear that.

Dead Meat, shakes his head, finally, after I’ve assured him he’s not going to get in trouble: The book owns the pages.

Amanda Teacher: But I can tear the page out.

Dead Meat: The pages still own the words.

Amanda Teacher: And the words?

Dead Meat’s classmates are grinning, whispering answers, and egging him on.

Dead Meat, after a pause: The letters.

Amanda Teacher: And the letters?

Dead Meat: The lines!

Sub-Atomic, beating me to the punch: What about the lines?

Dead Meat: … The ink!

The class cheers and looks at me as if to say, “Ha! What now, Ms?”

Amanda Teacher, slowly: But who owned the ink before it was on the page?

Dead Meat, jaw drops: That’s not fair.

Student Aide: Wow, this is like philosophy.

Quiet Student Who’s Suddenly Been on the Ball Lately: Can we do more of this?

Sure, kids, we can do more of this.

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