A Square is Always a Rectangle, but a Rectangle is Not Always a Square

For a change of pace I’m making a bojagi—a Korean cloth used to carry stuff, wrap things, and hide things. I’ve always seen square ones but I had a nice big piece of purple floral linen/cotton cloth left over from a dress I made when I was 22.

It’s a woven cloth and I yanked two threads clear across to get nice, straight cutting lines. Luckily, the piece had two selvage edges, so I only had to yank two threads.

I said, “Is this OK?” and held up the rectangle.

Good Man glanced at it. “Yeah, it should be square.”

So I figured out the square size and yanked another woven thread across the whole piece. When I finished and held up the square he said, “What was wrong with it before?”

“You said it should be square!”

“Yeah, that was square, right?”

“No! That was a rectangle,” I cried out.

Good Man sucked air through his teeth and shook his head, “English is too hard…”