Free Angles

On Tuesday I introduced my math students to angles—complementary, supplementary, vertical angles, and so on. When I got to complementary, AC/DC joked, “Hmm, complementary angles, does that mean they’re free?”

Yesterday, there was a sudden hissing noise in my room. I looked around and he said, very deadpan, “It’s poison gas.”

That kid cracks me up.


Tuesday I told Good Man to call and schedule another driving session. He called and suddenly when Korean-style. “Yeahyeah… yeahyeah… yeaaaahyeah.” I was smiling, hearing him turn a Korean phone mannerism into English.

When he finally hung up he said, “I have such a phone phobia! I hate speaking in English on the phone!”

“I know, that’s why I made you do it,” I said.

This session was apparently not as scary as his first session. He had very few freak-out complaints this time.


Good Man and I chatted with his mother very briefly tonight. I’m going to my grandmother’s funeral but Good Man is staying home. “Mother!” I said, “Please call [Good Man] while I am gone! He has never lived alone and he will be alone for five days, so he will be very lonely.”

“Of course, of course,” she replied.

“And if he dies, I will not know, so please call him daily.”

“Of course, of co—” Mother started laughing harder, “Oh, Amanda! Of course, of course.”

Maybe Good Man made a mistake in marrying a foreigner. His mother isn’t obligated to treat me like she would a Korean daughter-in-law.