Watching a Lamb Get Pulled Out of an Ewe

We were supposed to go to Duluth today to show Good Man the North Shore, but one of the ewes, Jelly Bean, went into labor.

It’s a good thing we stayed home because Jelly Bean’s first lamb was stuck with its front hooves pointed the wrong way. It was the first time they’d dealt with that. Mom actually pushed the lamb back into Jelly Bean to try and give it a chance to rearrange itself.

Didn’t work.

So George held Jelly Bean’s head, Mom gloved up, reached in and managed to free one hoof and then helped the rest of the lamb out. I lubed up Mom’s hands and took photos. (I never thought Mom would be asking me to help her lube up her hands.)

Second lamb came out the right way, hooves right under its chin.

Miracle of life was neat to watch, but holy kimchi, that’s just one more thing that makes me sure I don’t want kids…

Photos will be up when I can process the RAW images in LightRoom. Stay tuned!