Dojang Chins: A Moment in Korea

At Grandmother’s house, the night of the jaesa (ceremony honoring the death of Good Man’s Grandfather), I slept on a “health pillow.” This health pillow was filled with short straws. When I woke up in the morning, I had a dark, honeycomb-like bruise on my chin.

I joked that it looked like I’d used a Korean name stamp (dojang) on my chin. A name stamp is a stamp that acts like a legal signature in Korea. It has your name on it in pure Korean or in Chinese characters. You always use red ink with a dojang.

Several days later, it was still there. While out with Master, he asked what it was. Good Man explained for me since I didn’t have the vocabulary, but Master’s Daughter didn’t understand. She leaned over onto my lap and poked my chin.

“아만다, 뭐예요?” Amanda, what is that?

I smiled, “도장 찍었어.” I stamped a name stamp on my chin. I started stamping my chin.

Master’s Daughter’s eyes lit up and she started stamping her own chin. “찍어요! 찍어요!”

Stamp, Stamp

찍어요! 찍어요!