Invading Canada

“남편!” I yelled from the living room.

Good Man appeared, sipping coffee. “뭐?”

I read to him.

만일 십 년 이십년 이후 자신의 미래가 여전히
고통스럽고 지금보다 더 못할 걸 알게 되다면 어떻게


“So, does that basically mean ‘if you could know that ten or twenty years in the future your life would be miserable and worse than it is now, what would you do?'”

Good Man nodded, grunted “응,” and went back to his computer.


어제가 어제하곤 달라져. 어제 어제 어제······ 그렇지?

남자는 여자의 어제가 무엇이었을까가 궁금했다. 한번도
여자의 어제를 물어본 적이 없었다. 남자 역시도 남자의
어제를 말해준 적이 없었고 여자가 물어본적도 없었다. 두

사람 사이에는 어제라는 말이 없었다.


Good Man sipped his coffee and looked at me. “응?”

“Does that mean ‘the man was curious about what the woman did yesterday. But once again, he didn’t ask the woman. The man didn’t talk about what he did yesterday and the woman didn’t ask. In their relationship, they didn’t ask each other about yesterday.’ Is that what that means?”

Good Man nodded.

“Damn. 똑똑한 여자야!” I am a smart woman.

Good Man sipped his coffee and sighed heavily. “Your ego is so big it is invading Canada.”