Dangerous Kitchen Gadgets and Plants

I bought a Japanese mandoline and used it to make carrot match sticks this weekend. I chopped up half dozen carrots and then realized I needed to do something with them, so I made chapjae. But the ratio of carrots to everything else was a bit off, as you can see.

Carrots (and a Few Other Veggies)

Also, I can now tell my plants apart since they’ve all gotten true leaves. About two weeks ago I put most of my plants out in pots. The peppers spend the day outside and the evenings inside since it’s still too cold at night for them. I also planted some seeds directly outside.

This weekend we removed a huge, glass-top table from the porch. The table came with the rent, but it was so big it was making it hard for me to reach all of my plants to water them. So Good Man helped me drag it to the building’s laundry room, where each resident has a small storage space. Now there’s much more room on the porch, so I’m happy, even though I am still stuck with four chairs out there.



Korean Pepper Plants

Peppermint and Dill

Korean Sesame (Really a Mint Plant)