Around the Home

When my brother and I were back in Minnesota for my grandmother’s funeral, we poked around in the basement. We found The Red Bowl.

Johnny picked it up, “Look! The red bowl!”

“The red bowl!” I said.

My mom called from upstairs, “What?”

We both cried out, “The red bowl!

“What red bowl?” Mom asked.

I yelled, “What red bowl?”

Johnny yelled, “The red bowl!”

The Red Bowl

When I was growing up, The Red Bowl (and it’s smaller sibling, The Brown Bowl) held JellO, gravy, French-cut string beans, or pudding. I remember those bowls. When Good Man and I visited over spring break, I stole them.

Before I moved out at 18, I stole my mother’s cookbook.

The Red Cookbook

I used The Red Bowl and The Red Cookbook to made cranberry-banana bread and banana bread this weekend.

Cranberry-Banana Bread and Banana Bread


This year, one of my goals was to get rid of 100 books. When I did so, I found that I had some room for wedding shoes and wedding flowers.

Red Wedding Shoes on a Shelf

Wedding Flowers

Also, now that I’ve gotten rid of 100 books, it’s like the universe is trying to fill in the void. My coworker has been bringing in a lot of Korean books. I’ve finally started stacking them next to my Korean bookshelf.

Free Korean Books


I’ve also been doing some minor knitting lately. I’m (slowly…very slowly) working on a fish afghan.

Fish Afghan

I also made (yet another) a head covering for Mother. We’ll see if I finally got it right!