Round One. Fight!

Mother and Good Man went off to DC today. When they came home, Mother carried in a bottle of Downy. I looked at Good Man, “Why did you let her buy this? We don’t use this.”

“아만다!” Mother cried out. “It will make your clothes soft, and they’ll smell good.”

I answered in Korean, “I don’t want my clothes to smell. We don’t use this.”

“Ah, Amanda, just use it,” she said.

Good Man looked at me, “Just say yes.”

“네.” Yes. Mother looked very happy. I continued, “하지만 거짓말해요.” But I am lying.

Good Man said, “네, 쓸 거야.” Yes, we’ll use it.

I nodded toward Good Man, “[굿맨]도 거짓말쟁이예요.” He’s a liar, too.

She laughed, “아이고! 세상에!” Oh my! Oh my goodness!


Later I whispered to Good Man, “You know that bottle is going to be here, mostly unused, the next time Mother comes, right?”

Before he could reply, Mother started talking from the next room. When she finished I said, “What’d she say?”

Good Man sighed, “I will not translate everything! But she said that even though you will resist, I need to use laundry softener.”


When we were hanging up the clothes, I grumbled to Good Man. “These smell funny and feel waxy.”

Good Man put his right pointer finger up in the air, “Korean Drill Instructor!” He put his left point finger up in the air. “American Drill Instructor!” He moved his fingers close together in front of his face. “Round one! Fight!”

One thought on “Round One. Fight!

  1. Comment from: umma2kimchilovers [Visitor]
    I hate fabric softners. It is horrible for your skin and allergies. Usually cleaning products that smell good have horrible chemicals in them.
    05/14/10 @ 22:50

    Comment from: admin [Member] Email
    Yes. So do I. Unfortunately, my mother-in-law disagrees.
    05/14/10 @ 22:59

    Comment from: Helena [Visitor] ·
    Oh no! LOL

    I don’t use fabric softener either.
    05/14/10 @ 23:58

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