May 15th Garden Update

I feel like my plants grow so slowly, but here they are almost two weeks later.

Marigolds and…a Maple?

All three of my pots of marigolds have one seedling right now. And in this one, a maple tree came up! I accidentally killed it trying to move it. That was a not well thought out decision. I have more marigold seeds, but I don’t have more random maple seeds sprouting in pots. Oh well.

Korean Peppers

I lost two of my 18 Korean pepper plants. One fell over in the middle of the stem and another one just died. Several got sunburnt because I left them out in the sun for too long. (If you look carefully, you can see the white edge on some of the leaves.) I also think I was waterlogging them a bit, but I’ve since quit watering them so much. They look a lot better.

I’m waiting for the evenings to warm up just a little more before I can plunk them in the ground. I’m getting annoyed with the wait.


According to the directions I can find online, these poppies are too crowded. However, the seeds were a gift and I have none left, and poppies grow a taproot which makes moving them hard. So crowded they will remain!


I didn’t take a picture of the basil last time, but this plant really hasn’t grown much. I need at least three basil plants (but would prefer more) but they’re just not doing very well. I started everything (except for the mint) from seed this year, and I think I’m going to break down with the basil and buy some from the garden center. It’s just not looking very good.

Sesame Leaves

The sesame plants seem very hardy, and very easy to care for. I can’t wait until I can harvest some leaves to eat!


I didn’t listen. Everything I read said that dill is best direct sown or as a transplant from a nursery. I thought I’d start the dill indoors. Well, the stuff I transplanted outside failed miserably, so I yanked it out and direct sowed a bunch of dill. I’ve been thinning this plot a lot and still technically have too many plants in there. I’ll thin a little more, but probably not down to the recommendation.


Mint, the black thumb grower’s plant. I’ve actually harvested mint since the last photo, and yet it still looks like it’s grown!