Layout of my Porch Garden

Umma2kimchilovers asked me to post photos of my garden layout. Since I got the peppers (and Thai basil) into pots yesterday, I got to take photos today. We’ll see if this layout lasts.

Overall Layout

The porch is about 6 ft by 15 ft. I can’t fit the ugly yellow deck chairs in the basement storage unit. I can’t fit the two benches in the storage unit either. The benches won’t fit against the sliding glass door wall because you’ll bash your knees going out onto the porch. I need to be careful about which plants are on the far right side because the mailman throws things onto our porch (from ground level). He has pretty good aim, but I’m still concerned about him hitting things.


I’ve stacked most of the ugly yellow chairs together since we rarely use them. Behind the chairs I have some gardening supplies—soil, gloves, peat pots, etc.

The orange bucket is full of compost (processing). Then I have dill in the big orange pot, sweet basil in front of that. Two planters of sesame. The white bucket is poppy.


The planters at the top (near the railing) have one plant each of three varieties of Korean peppers in one pot (far left) and then three planters of more Korean peppers. In each planter there are two Korean peppers of the same variety with one chunk of Thai basil in the middle. (So all told I’ve got nine Korean peppers plants and three Thai basil plants going.)

The Thai basil and the sweet basil in the round recycled tub-turned-pot is the only stuff I bought from the nursery. Everything else is from seed. Unfortunately, the Thai basil was really root bound and I think there’s more than one plant growing there…not a good sign, but that’s how all the Thai basil was, so oh well. I’ll be sure to harvest it a lot.

On the bench in the lower part of the photo I have (from left to right) repeating pots of marigolds and sweet basil and then a pot of random wildflowers (from one of those “plant this!” business cards).


The Korean pepper pots finish up. Then we have mint in the back in the black pot and more sweet basil in the front.

Then there’s an angled bench with extra plants on it (planning on giving those plants to Mark’s Lover).

Last year I had a lot fewer plants, so I didn’t need two layers of plants. I decided that I will harvest the herbs more often than the peppers, and the peppers will grow larger, so the herbs seemed to fit better on the bench.

We’ll see how this layout works!

One thought on “Layout of my Porch Garden

  1. Comment from: david [Visitor]
    I am an avid reader of your blog. I was wondering if you can share your method on making compost. I have read many methods online but I am totally confuse. Thank you
    05/21/10 @ 12:15

    Comment from: admin [Member] Email
    Hey David.

    The orange bucket is a new method. I basically layered “browns” (newspaper strips, junk mail strips, and stuff from our office shredder) and “greens” (vegetable and fruit scraps) in the bucket. I added a handful of dirt (not potting soil) and a small amount of water.

    The ratio of browns:greens was probably 75:25. I ended with a thick layer of browns on top to prevent flies.

    I poked holes in the lid (probably not enough) and popped it on. The plan is to basically turn it on its side and roll it around on the porch a few times most days a week, for about two-four months.

    The other method I use is the worm bin (vermicomposting) method. We keep a worm bin in the kitchen. I made a very simple worm bin using a Rubbermaid container I found at Target. I’ve been vermicomposting for a year now and REALLY like it. To find out more, I’d strongly suggest .

    If you have any specific questions, let me know. I’ll probably be harvesting in two weeks or so, which will mean setting up a new bin. Maybe I’ll make a post about it.
    05/21/10 @ 22:45

    Comment from: david [Visitor]
    Thank you. If possible, please post when you set up a new bin.
    05/22/10 @ 13:18

    Comment from: admin [Member] Email
    David, will do. Right now I’m waiting for the worms to finish processing the current batch. It should be about two weeks, but it might be a bit longer.
    05/22/10 @ 19:31

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