May 29th Garden Update

It’s two weeks later and my garden is looking good. I had a small battle with aphids this past week and ended up burning my plants with a little too much oil and the help from the sun. But the plant will be fine, and I’ve since diluted my oil mixture. The pepper plants I used the mixture on (after dilution) are fine.



The peppers have been potted. At the ends of each planter are peppers. In the middle, Thai basil. The peppers are starting to get tiny little buds at the top. I expect flowers, soon.

I potted the peppers deeper than they were in the Jiffy pots to help stabilize the peppers. Still, we had a thunderstorm Thursday night and yesterday a few of the plants were really leaning over. I’ll stake them this weekend.


I don’t know if these poppies are doing well or not, but the seeds were a gift, and they don’t make fruit, so no big loss if they fail.


The basil is finally growing! Maybe I just plopped them out in the garden too soon temperature-wise.


You can tell sesame is a mint, because this stuff grows so quickly. I had some aphids and accidentally burned the leaves, but I strongly suspect this will pop back quickly. I’ll start harvesting the leaves soon.

The plant on the lower left is strange. Its leaves are all slightly off-kilter on one side, almost like a corkscrew.


The dill is kind of floppy, but I’ll also start harvesting it soon.


And the mint. Can you kill mint? I’m doubtful. Again, I’ve given the mint a haircut since the photos two weeks ago, but you can’t tell.