Caterpillar Hunting in a Shirtdress

Today I checked on my garden and found these caterpillar holes.

But He Was Still Hungry!

I went caterpillar hunting and flicked the two I found off of the porch. Those suckers are good at hiding, damn green things.

I also found this lovely treat!

First Pepper Blossom

I’m trying out these add-a-bottle plant nannies to see if I can more evenly water my plants/take care of them when we’re out of town.

Plant Nannies

The plant nannies consist of green adapters that fit on regular soda bottles (although not Coke brands). Then there’s a clay stake that you stick into the soil near the root ball. You put the bottle of water on top of it, and the theory is that as the soil dries out, water is released into the soil. The plants are supposed to be watered evenly and continuously.

I don’t know how they work yet, but I do know that the soil farthest away from the stakes is pretty dry, whereas the soil nearest the stakes is moist.

If these work, I’ll very possibly water with them, since I tend to overwater, which leads to things like fungus gnats.

In totally unrelated news, I got this shirt dress and shocked my students by wearing a dress. I wear skirts more often than not, but apparently a dress is Very Different.


The Look, which says:
Sit Down, Shut Up, and Work on Your Damn Grad Project Now,
Before I Make You Call Your Parent.