Hey, Hey It’s Me!

Today at school we had an ice cream social and (a) team member(s) read a letter to their leaving team member. Fifteen people are leaving, and I have to say that my teammates were by far the most creative. Everyone else read a letter, some with comments from the students, but my team sang me a song.

Trust that my last name makes the rhythm work.

Hey, Hey It’s Ms. S!
(To the tune of Hey, Hey We’re the Monkees)

Here she comes
walking down the hall
Start your BES quick now

or you’ll be on the wall

Hey, Hey it’s Ms. S
She’s a monkey in astrology
But do not monkey with her
She’s a no-fuss teacher, you see

We’re just a bunch of sixth graders!
People say we monkey around
But not around Ms. S,

she’s got the classroom down

With Ms. S
Studies are the rule
Students ace the SOLs and
they rock in middle school!

Hey, Hey it’s Ms. S
going off to teach GT
We’ll really miss Ms. S

Sad for us, but for her happy!
Sad for us, but you rock, Miss Monkey!!