Shameful Pedaling

“You need to arrange driving lessons this week,” I said to Good Man.

This weekend Mark’s Lover kindly let Good Man drive the car one and a half miles to the grocery store. His car is large. And new (I think). And Good Man almost hit the tree at the top of the driveway on the way back. (Good Man was freaked out. Mark’s Lover didn’t seem to mind at all.)

“I already did. I make it today, tomorrow, Thursday.”

I was surprised. “You already went?”


I didn’t have to nag him! “Where’d you go?”

“Oh you know, around.”

“Do they still have to hit the brakes for you sometimes?”

Good Man nodded, “Sometimes.”

“Hon, you have to test soon…”

“Only sometimes! I am still learning! You know, it’s kind of a shame that we even have to have pedals. Every year DARPA has a competition for computer cars. I don’t know why I need pedals.”

Goddammit, I love my husband.