A Little Less Love

Last year, I freaked out over every insect and mark on my plants. I watered my plants daily and often twice a day if it was really hot. I fertilized them with chemical fertilizers as the labels directed. I sprayed and sprayed for aphids, which solved nothing until I finally got ladybugs.

I probably loved my plants too much.

This year I’ve been a lot lazier. As soon as I saw those aphids, I got them with a soap/oil solution. As soon as I saw caterpillars, I knocked them off. The grasshopper nymph below? He got knocked off after I took the photo.

But I water much, much less than last year (which seems to be preventing the fungus gnats I think I had last year). I don’t take heat wilting as actual wilting, and I don’t water as soon as I see it. I whack off herbs, only being sure to not take more than one-third of the plant. I mixed vermicompost in with the soil when I planted, and I’ve soaked some vermicompost in the water before watering, but other than that and the slow-release fertilizer in the potting soil? Nothing.

I think I love my plants just enough this year, and they seem to be doing better because of it.

Grasshopper Nymph

Pepper Plant Symmetry

Twisted Blossom

First Pepper!

One thought on “A Little Less Love

  1. Comment from: david [Visitor]
    It is a great feeling when you see your plants bear fruits. Something hard for me to explain to a non garderner. What kind of pepper is it?
    06/21/10 @ 10:29

    Comment from: admin [Member] Email
    That picture is of Hybrid Korean Winner. I’m also growing Hybrid Long Green Korean chilies and Hybrid Kimchi peppers–none of the kimchi peppers have even flowered yet. Interestingly, the kimchi plants are the tallest. The greens are the shortest–this is true across the board for all of the plants. I have each variety going in three different pots!
    06/21/10 @ 10:58

    Comment from: david [Visitor]
    I picture 쌈, green korean pepper with 고추장 and soju in the near future on your dinner table. Yummmy
    06/22/10 @ 12:36

    Comment from: McKella [Visitor] · http://kellapillar.blogspot.com
    Hi Amanda! Thanks for telling me about your blog. I’m a total blog junkie, so this is a perfect way to get an American English teacher’s look at Korea. Also, I read your “Things to do before I die” list and I’m inspired. I have one of those too, but I kind of forgot about it. Thanks for reminding me!
    06/23/10 @ 20:28

    Comment from: admin [Member] Email
    McKella, I actually need to update that list desperately. It’s four years old! It’s on my list of things to do. Heh.

    David, yes, I can’t WAIT to eat some fresh peppers!

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