The Beach Cottage That Comes With Our Rent

Landlord: Amanda! When you two gonna come use the beach cottage that comes with your rent? I’ve got a new one down here and the view! It’s the best view on the beach!

Amanda: How about this weekend?

Landlord: How about any weekend but this weekend?

Amanda: Mid-July? We’re going to Canada.

Landlord: OK, tell you what, come down this weekend. Bring your linens, towels, you know. The kitchen isn’t working yet, but we got a fridge with beer.

When someone basically demands you come use their beach cottage for free, and you can do it right now, well, how can you say no?


The beach house is a recent purchase and new windows were just installed, to take advantage of the view. The floors are unfinished, the walls are unpainted, and the front door has a lock but no knob.

And the view? Worth a million bucks.

Landlord: Tomorrow morning, around, oh, 5:40… 5:48, your toes will glow with the sunlight.

Amanda: Hmm. [Good Man] will complain. He’s like a cat, he sleeps a lot.

At 5:46, the brightening sky woke me up. Good Man pulled our blanket over his head. I went out to take pictures.

I know that staring at the sun is bad, but how can you not stare when you can see it moving in the sky? When you can actually see the sun rising in the sky, how can you not look at it in awe? (No, I’m not a sungazer. I have yet to convert my body to photosynthesis.)

The photo below? That was the view from the bed in the house. It really was a great view.

06:06, 06/26/10


Good Man: I want to do wine tasting. Let’s find place.

Oak Crest Vineyard and Winery


Landlord, on my voice mail: I hope you guys are enjoying your stay. Hey, listen, there are antique rocking chairs in the kitchen. Take them out on the porch and enjoy the sunset and drink some beer.

Me, to Good Man: He’s like a father or something. He tells us what to do.

Good Man: Yeah, but I want beer.

So we sat on the porch. Good Man lounged around, nursing a beer. I sat in the green antique rocking chair, working on a knitting project. And then I spotted the orange, orange moon.

21:19, 06/26/10