A Bigger Rice Bowl

“[굳멘], 노력 ‘력’ 하고 적응력 ‘력’… 도같아?” [Good Man], effort “력” and ability “력” are the same root 력?

“응.” Yep.

“난 똑똑해. 똑똑한 부인 있지? 나 같이 사는 것이 어려워?” I am smart. I’m a smart wife, huh? Is it hard living with me?

“아니. 내 밥 그릇 더 켜.” No. My rice bowl is bigger than yours.

According to Good Man, if you say you someone has a large [rice] bowl it means they have a large ego, or very big ambitions and goals.


Trying to describe to Mother the way a woman was talking to me, I muttered some phrases in Korean. I finally settled on “거시기, 거시기.”

Good Man figured out what I meant and said, “Oh, 어쩌고 저쩌고.”

Eo-jjeo-go jeo-jjeo-go.

Koreans, please. Why couldn’t you have something easy like “blah, blah”?


I’ve really been struggling with my 1,000,000 characters goal lately. First, I started reading Little House in the Big Woods. Vocab was too hard. Switched over to Alice in Wonderland. Too weird/strange/hard. Switched over to a book of Greek myths. Too boring. Tried Romeo and Juliet in manwha (cartoon) format. Not in the mood.

I have been reading a lot! I just can’t seem to get through a book.

To that end, I’m reading a short story (“소나기,” a very well-known Korean story). It’s part of a larger book, but I figure if I can get through one complete story, I’ll be back on track.

And hell, if that doesn’t work, I’ll read 삐삐 again. I do love Pippi!