A Bigger Rice Bowl

“[굳멘], 노력 ‘력’ 하고 적응력 ‘력’… 도같아?” [Good Man], effort “력” and ability “력” are the same root 력?

“응.” Yep.

“난 똑똑해. 똑똑한 부인 있지? 나 같이 사는 것이 어려워?” I am smart. I’m a smart wife, huh? Is it hard living with me?

“아니. 내 밥 그릇 더 켜.” No. My rice bowl is bigger than yours.

According to Good Man, if you say you someone has a large [rice] bowl it means they have a large ego, or very big ambitions and goals.


Trying to describe to Mother the way a woman was talking to me, I muttered some phrases in Korean. I finally settled on “거시기, 거시기.”

Good Man figured out what I meant and said, “Oh, 어쩌고 저쩌고.”

Eo-jjeo-go jeo-jjeo-go.

Koreans, please. Why couldn’t you have something easy like “blah, blah”?


I’ve really been struggling with my 1,000,000 characters goal lately. First, I started reading Little House in the Big Woods. Vocab was too hard. Switched over to Alice in Wonderland. Too weird/strange/hard. Switched over to a book of Greek myths. Too boring. Tried Romeo and Juliet in manwha (cartoon) format. Not in the mood.

I have been reading a lot! I just can’t seem to get through a book.

To that end, I’m reading a short story (“소나기,” a very well-known Korean story). It’s part of a larger book, but I figure if I can get through one complete story, I’ll be back on track.

And hell, if that doesn’t work, I’ll read 삐삐 again. I do love Pippi!

One thought on “A Bigger Rice Bowl

  1. Comment from: Helena [Visitor] · http://wedoitthehardway.blogspot.com/
    Can you just say 모모모?

    I think I got all the way through The BFG in Korean. I started Harry Potter but found the translation annoying.
    07/01/10 @ 00:39

    Comment from: admin [Member] Email
    Dude, 모모, how could I forget that? I’ll ask Good Man.

    I couldn’t even get through Harry Potter in English, so I won’t even attempt it in Korean.
    07/01/10 @ 07:02

    Comment from: HL [Visitor]
    똑같다 is the correct spelling. I think. :)

    I always thought 거시기 meant “crotch”. At least that’s how my second/third-graders used it.
    07/01/10 @ 16:06

    Comment from: admin [Member] Email
    HL, it (똑같아) is right, thank you. I ask Good Man to check over these all the time and he always says “Yes, it’s right.” Liar, liar!

    거시기 does mean crotch. It also means “whatchamacallit,” “whatsit” in Jeolla dialect. (I am utterly amazed that Firefox’s spell check lets “whatchamacallit” through.)
    07/01/10 @ 16:34

    Comment from: Helena [Visitor] · http://wedoitthehardway.blogspot.com/
    I sometimes use the translator at http://translate.reference.com/ to check my spelling in Korean. As a translator it’s laughably bad, but makes a serviceable spell checker.
    07/07/10 @ 11:03

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