Ridiculous Korean Song a New Favorite

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Ridiculous Korean Song a New Favorite

This is by far the most ridiculous Korean song I’ve heard in a long time. When it came on in my car today, I couldn’t stop laughing.

The song is called “High Calorie” and it’s basically a list of foods with the demand to eat. The woman sings:

먹을 걸 참지 말아요
맛있는 것을 참지 말아요

손으로 집고 무작정 입으로 넣어요 맛있잖아요

Don’t resist eating.
Don’t resist delicious foods.
Grab it with your hand, and shove it into your mouth because it’s delicious.

The name of the duo? Fat Man.

Another song featuring the same female vocalist (정인) is “Rush.”

And another one, by Dynamic Duo (one of Good Man’s favorite groups).

Dynamic Duo is going into the military soon, and their newest album cover has a military theme. This song (“Keep the Change”) has multiple people telling a taxi driver their hard situations/lives. One even asks the taxi driver how much training is required to get the job.

“Fireworks” is about being a trouble maker and making people uncomfortable.

And one I adore, “I’m Sorry.” Soju fixes everything according to this song.

While this would be the perfect post to discuss MC 몽’s teeth, I’ll save that debate for another time.