Mind Tricks Regarding War

My brother is a Marine. He’s been stationed in Japan, DC, Beaufort SC, some part of Florida, and California. I’m sure he’s been stationed other places I’m not even aware of.

My brother has done two tours in Iraq and he’s currently in Afghanistan.

And last weekend my brother was injured by a roadside IED (explosive device). He’s got an 18 mm ball bearing lodged in his body, near his lung, behind his scapula. It will not be removed. It’s a souvenir for life.

When I got off the phone with my sister-in-law, I cried and cried. I told Good Man that after two injury-free tours in Iraq, I had been able to trick myself into thinking he’d be safe, that he’d be fine.

He’s not dead. He has all of his body parts. His shoulder movement isn’t hindered. It’s a fairly minor injury. (Heck, he’ll reap the benefits of the Purple Heart status, which he says is a bright side to the whole mess, along with getting to talk to his wife daily for several weeks while he’s healing.)

But my mind trick is over. My brother is not safe.

I do not support this war in any way, shape or form, and I hate that Obama’s being cagey and wishy-washy about his plan for it. I think it’s our next Vietnam and I can’t believe we didn’t learn more than “the draft really pisses off families and makes them pay attention” from the first Vietnam.

I do, however, support the troops.

To that end, my brother told me about the Wounded Warrior Project. According to him, everything that was done in the hospital was done through the Wounded Warrior Project (including the 12 precious Percocets he got). He said they also help extensively with rehab for people who lose limbs, and they help people who need plastic surgery.

This week I set up a reoccurring donation through WWP. I finally put my money where my mouth is.

Happy July 4th, for those who celebrate it. I hope all of your family members are healthy, no matter where they are today, no matter what their nationality.