Hissing Squirrel

Thursday was a really long day.

I tried getting gas. I couldn’t get the pump to work. I pushed the “fill” button and squeezed the pump. Nothing. Tried again. It just flashed “PR.”

Good Man, meanwhile, was wondering how in the world we were supposed to pay if nobody was pumping gas (Korean style) and there was no credit card slot (urban American style).

I finally went inside and asked the woman what PR meant. She suggested price, glanced out the window and stated the obvious. “You need to lift the lever, honey.”

I smacked my forehead and started laughing. Then I couldn’t stop. Good Man was in awe. None of the pumps around us need to be lifted to be started.

When we finally managed to get gas, we left Witless Bay and headed south to La Manche Provincial Park. We hiked out to some waterfalls. It was a nice day (sunny!), and the park was mostly deserted, which made hiking easy.

Good Man finally got over his fear of fallen trees on paths.

Good Man Tackles a Tree


Even Sillier

It was an easy hike and the view was beautiful (especially since the sun was out!).

Above the Falls

Above the Falls (I Think)

At the Waterfalls

On the way back, we ran into this squirrel.

Scary Squirrel

While I was taking this photo, this squirrel drew its head back like a cat does before it hisses. The squirrel made its own hissing noise. “T-t-t-t-t-t!”

“‘Get the hell out of my way!'” Good Man helpfully translated.

La Manche

We left the park and headed out to Swift Current. That was a long drive. We ended up finding some random tourist-season restaurant (I think in Bellevue?).

Food in Newfoundland. So far, not impressed. People complain that American food is over-processed and unhealthy, but seriously, almost everywhere we’ve stopped, the closest thing to a vegetable on the menu is onion rings or fries.

I ordered a ham and cheese sandwich and a garden salad. (A salad! Oh my!) Good Man ordered a pizza.

My sandwich was on “wheat” bread, and was a single slice of ham with a single slice of processed cheese smothered in Miracle Whip. (Aww, it’s like the sandwiches I made when I was packing my own lunch in fourth grade! Except Mom wouldn’t buy Kraft cheese, so at least I had real cheese.) The garden salad was a huge plate of iceburg lettuce, a half a diced tomato, and about twelve peelings from a carrot. I’m pretty sure the pizza sauce on Good Man’s pizza was really condensed tomato soup.

Still, we were starving, so… When we finished, I said to Good Man in Korean, “Because we were hungry, that was delicious.”

When we turned off of TCH 1 to get to Swift Current we were confronted with more than 10 km of road work. Gravel road, and lots of stop/slow signs.

At this point we were over 200 km for the day and I was starting to lose it. We were down to one radio station, and that was only in French. Every other hill, that single radio station would alternate with another single radio station playing classic rock (read: “Spanish Train”). When we finally found our self-catering cottage place, we had to go 50 km one way to get groceries. Through the construction. Again.

I became rather bitchy. Blah.

We did briefly explore North Harbor, which was pretty, and while we were there, we saw a moose. We were excited about that. The self-catering cottage was lovely, as was the scenery.

But it was a Very Long Day.