Terra Nova National Park

Sunday we headed to Terra Nova National Park. After several great days of sunny weather, we got rain on and off all day. We wanted to hike, but the intermittent storms made up lazy, so we explored the cove around Newman Sound instead.

Newman Sound is a migratory bird sanctuary and we could hear loons off in the distance. I’m not a bird watcher, but loons are my favorite bird (blame my Minnesota-background).

Newman Sound

One benefit of rainy days is bright, saturated colors for photography! (On the forest floor at least, no so much for the sky!)

On the Trail

Pink Flowers

Green and Brown

Hawkweed (?)

We found this on the shore. Why would there be concrete steps there? (No, there’s no path going from the concrete steps.)

The Mystery Steps

Low Tide

Snail on Snail Action

Seaweed and Stones


Growing on a Stone

Unfurling Plant

Good Man

Good Man, bless him, was pretty much over parks and hiking and nature at this point.

However, when we ended up far down the shore and very lost from the original trail, before I could decide what to do, Good Man had scaled his way from the shore to the top of the forest floor.

Maybe he’s really becoming a hiking guy, after all.

Beat You!

Before stepping off the path to go to our car, I heard some noise and demanded that we explore a side path. Good Man sighed and agreed and we found this.


When we’d started walking on the tail, we’d passed an informational panel. But we didn’t see this one with the bear warning until we were done. I’m pretty sure if we’d seen it first, Good Man would’ve refused to go as far as we did.

Bear in Area

After exploring a (small) bit of Terra Nova, we headed to Charlottetown where we had an excellent meal at Clode Sound Motel and Restaurant. We also finally tried a traditional Newfoundland dish of French fries with dressing (stuffing) and gravy. It was good, but I’ll probably stick to my potatoes with gravy and stuffing on the side.


Fries, Dressing, Gravy