Bowling with Astronauts. Sort Of.

OK, so my Grandfather was never an astronaut, but he was part of the Air Force when it was still part of the Army. He created the three-letter airport code system, and he helped write the 정전협정 that paused the Korean War. One the one hand, he’s a true conservative. On the other hand, my grandparents have been vegan for more than 20 years and are huge activists for animals. Have you bowled with anyone that interesting lately?

A few (only a few) photos from our trip so far. (Unfortunately, my Grandmother is still recovering from a stroke, so she’s had a lot of appointments and hasn’t been able to sight-see with us.)

Boca Grande

Gasparilla Island State Park

Teaching Good Man to Bowl

Grandpa told us to check out the Keys. Father’s Youngest Brother’s Wife told us to check out Miami. When we stopped by AAA to pick up a map, a guidebook and some brochures were pushed upon us. Good Man discovered Kennedy Space Center in the guidebook and…

“We’re not going to the Keys,” I told Grandpa and Grandma.

“Why not?”

“[Good Man] found Kennedy Space Center and you know, I think I should let him win this one. He says he’s tired of beaches and lighthouses this summer!”

Grandpa laughed, “Let him win?”

“Letting your spouse win makes for a good marriage. You just have to know when to let your spouse win.”

My grandparents both chuckled.

So today we drove across Florida. (Did you catch that “we,” long-time readers?)

Go, Good Man, Go!

I went to KSC when I was 17 with Mom, George and Johnny. But it was different this time, so yeah, Good Man made a good choice.

Kennedy Space Center

We got going around 9:30 (which amused Grandpa, since it was so late) and after a comfortable drive with a stop and some wrong turns (all on my part), we got there in time for a late lunch. If you bought the Shuttle Sipper, you got free refills.

“Do you want one?”

“Amanda, I am 30.”

“Only in Korean age.”

“Amanda, I am 30.”

We went back and forth a few times. I finally stopped and right before it was our turn with the cashier he said, “I want shuttle cup.”


Happy 30-Year-Old Husband

Sunset at Kennedy Space Center