Edison and Ford Winter Estates

Yesterday Good Man and I drove down to the Edison and Ford Winter Estates. Good Man was excited to see anything about Edison since he’d read a biography about him when he (Good Man) was a child. I was excited to see the gardens.

The Edison and Ford Winter Estates were, as the name implies, used by the two men during the winter. The grounds were gorgeous and you were allowed to walk on the grass, as long as you didn’t damage the plants, which was great for my photography.

Edison and Ford Winter Estates

The Estates

The Estates also featured some very large (champion) trees. There was a huge fig tree I wanted to climb all over, and there was one of the biggest banyan trees in the world. They had trimmed the tree so that it grew across the path. If I were a child, I’d want to play hide-and-seek in that tree. (Oh, who am I kidding? I wanted to play hide-and-seek and I’m an adult!)

Fig Tree

Banyan Tree

The Estates also consist of indoor exhibits but I didn’t take many photos. Good Man and I enjoyed ourselves and at the end of our visit we pressed some pennies in one of those pressing machines.

Good Man pressed his first penny at the Kennedy Space Center because I told him to. He pressed the penny, looked at it, looked at me and said, “How?”

We pressed two pennies at the Estates. Good Man pressed one of Edison’s image and I pressed one of a Model T Ford to celebrate Good Man getting his license. (Yes, I am going to harp on this.)

I’d recommend the Estates to anyone in the Fort Myers area. Tickets were $20 each (for a self-guided audio tour) although we got a $1/ticket AAA discount.