Bouncing Bowling Balls (No Kidding)

Last night Good Man and I went bowling again.

Good Man’s ball bounced out of the gutter and struck a pin four times last night. I know that if you follow the rules, these pins don’t count. But I gave them to him.

The one time my ball bounced out of the gutter, it went between the two pins I needed to get. Dammit.

I am more convinced than ever than the lanes are not very well kept. Last night, after both of our balls were stuck in the return for the third time in as many games (and there were other times we had to bowl with the other person’s ball to get our own balls to come back up), I finally asked to be moved. The guy was very friendly about it and moved me, but we lost a lot of time waiting for the poor mechanic to run back to lane 29 to get our balls out of the return.

At our first location, we were stuck next to a group of teens who kept screaming obscenities at each other when they were up. Yeah, kids, you look like idiots.

At the second location, the teenagers next to us (two couples) spent most of the time draped all over each other. Neither of the girls understood bowling etiquette and one scampered up, lobbed her ball with a resounding thud then squealed while watching it go down the lane just as I was about to release my ball, completely throwing me off.

Once I realized what they were doing, I’d wait a good, long time for them to finally bowl. And just when I thought it was safe, one of the girls would untangle herself from her boyfriend, flounce up, lob her ball again, and squeal.

Fortunately, they left after only two games. Unfortunately, those two games took them forever since they were more interesting in rolling around on top of each other in the chairs than in bowling.

No matter, Good Man and I had a good time. I didn’t score anything near 139 this time, but I averaged 92 over eight games, with three above-100 games of 111, 106, and 105. Good Man averaged 98 and his above-100s were 103, 132 (!) and 106. He won four games and I won four games.