Mint Oreos

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Mint Oreos?


Good Man doesn’t like mint. It’s not a very common flavor in Korea. He manages mint toothpaste but the rest of it? Not so much.

I guess he didn’t realize that the green tinting of the cream indicated “mint.”

One thought on “Mint Oreos

  1. Comment from: david [Visitor]
    he will eventully get use to it but for most koreans cilantro is the problem.
    08/23/10 @ 10:18

    Comment from: ellipsisknits [Visitor]
    So, that makes me curious. What flavor is Korean toothpaste? Mint is such a given here, it’s hard to even imagine the alternatives.
    08/23/10 @ 11:31

    Comment from: admin [Member] Email
    I don’t what he thinks of cilantro. I don’t use it much in cooking. I do know a lot of Koreans don’t like cilantro.

    EllipsisKnits, the only one I remember is…pine. Pine-flavored toothpaste. Good Man says they have mint, but I think it’s pretty new. I hated the pine stuff at first and then it grew on me. It’s an alternative to drinking floor cleaner. Ha!
    08/23/10 @ 11:45

    Comment from: HL [Visitor]
    I used to hate mint-flavored ice-cream because it tasted like toothpaste to me. It took me a long time to accept it in food. Oddly enough I was fine with Thin Mints and Andes.

    My born-in-Korea-and-emigrated-in-her-30s-mom loves cilantro, which I (born-in-America) hated at first but now enjoy in moderation. So who knows?
    08/23/10 @ 12:35

    Comment from: ellipsisknits [Visitor]
    I can see pine. A friend of ours had some chewing gum from Russia that was pine flavored (actually, I think it was just pine tar intended for chewing). The texture was a little odd, but the flavor was fine. Not all that different from mint really.

    But cilantro? Ew. No cilantro for me. I think it is one of those things people taste differently based on genetics.

    08/23/10 @ 13:03

    Comment from: Diana [Visitor] ·
    Maybe he thought the green meant “WELLBEING GREEN TEA.” That’s what it means in Korea. All caps, too. Just like that.
    08/23/10 @ 13:36

    Comment from: Jennifer [Visitor] ·
    exactly the same series as ‘cinnamon gum’


    08/23/10 @ 18:59

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