The Great Minnesota Get-Together

On opening day of the Great Minnesota Get-Together (a state fair, the largest state fair in America by daily attendance) Good Man got his first real taste of good ol’ Minnesota living.

First Taste of Cheese Curds

Trying Strib’s Free “Butter Up!” Corn-on-the-Cob Flavored Lip Balm:
Even Worse Than it Sounds

Giving an A-OK Sign About Korean BBQ Tacos

The Innocent-Looking Ride
(Which Was More Stomach Lurching Than Anticipated)

Great Views

You’ll Win At the Fishing Game…

And We Did!
(I Won the Smurf. He Won the Ladybug and then Claimed Both.)

Sheep? Monk? Monk Sheep?

Beware He Bites

Princess Kay of the Milky Way Butter Sculpture
(No, I’m Not Kidding)

At the End of the Night