Southern Ocean

So apparently there are five oceans. Who knew? In any case, I’ve had to teach that there are five oceans for several years now. I found a lonely globe in the cafeteria and took it. Then I found someone sort of in charge.

“Do we have any globes with the Southern Ocean on it, since it’s been on maps since about 2000?”

Someone Sort of in Charge just laughed, “Probably not.”

“So, can I take a permanent marker and label this correctly?”


“OK, how about this? I’m going to take a permanent marker to this outdated thing, and if anyone asked, nobody gave me permission.”

Someone Sort of in Charge laughed and nodded, “Sounds good.”

I have worked in American schools for too long. It doesn’t even phase faze me that I have equipment and materials ten years of out date. That’s what markers and duct tape are for, right?