Pencil My Skirt In

Today I made up McCall’s 6038 (Quick and Easy, three women’s skirts) in 6 oz denim I bought at Joann’s on sale for $4/yard.


Working on this project I learned how to insert an invisible zipper, do a blind hem stitch, and blend a curve (I needed one waist size and a different hip size).

I modified this pattern a lot. I took off the hook and eye, blended sizes, stitched in the ditch to get the facing to stay down, and did a blind hem stitch.

But the biggest change was the removal of all of the darts. I have a very short waist and I don’t usually like skirts that sit right at my natural waist. When I try to wear them lower, they ride up. Also, darts tend to highlight the area they’re darting, and I don’t need that! So I removed all of the darts in this pattern in order to get the skirt to sit lower. And it worked!

I only made one “duh” mistake, which was sewing the interfacing on the wrong side of the skirt so that it faced…the right side. Whoops.

Learning to blind hem (well) is going to take some practice. I ended up losing the first battle with the machine, which is why I had to hem it higher than I originally intended. (I was doing version B with the slit up the back, but it ended up more like view A.)

I did the entire pattern in a day (from cutting the tissue to tacking down the facing) with lots of down time included. That makes me happy because something this easy to sew can surely become a staple of my wardrobe and a template for new patterns. Furthermore, since it only took 1 yard of 56″ fabric, I can experiment with fabrics or prints or trends easily, without investing too much time or money.

I need some skirts for work, and I think this one fits the bill. It’s not too tight or too loose. It’s a great length and can easily be made higher or lower. It doesn’t bind or ride up when I stand, sit, or move. I can crouch in it, I can cross my legs in a chair without showing my students too much thigh, and I can tuck shirt into it and it still feels great.

I plan on making several more skirts using this pattern.

And the best part? It took one yard of fabric, which I bought on sale for $4/yd. The fabric, zipper, thread, and facing probably came to all of $8 at the most. I’m sure I bought the pattern when it was on sale for ~$2 (I never pay full price for the common pattern companies since they’re constantly on sale on Joann’s). I could not buy a skirt that fits me like this in the store for $10, lined or unlined!