Bowling Ajummas

Last night Diana and Min Gi were in our area of town (loosely, when you live an hour away from each other, it’s all relative), so they popped in for a visit.

(My thought when I read the email at work was Good Man, vacuum the floor!)

The boys played basketball while Diana and I commiserated over reverse culture shock. We had dinner together at the Korean-Chinese place near our house.

As is often the case with Diana, we started chatting about money. We’re money Buddies. Diana and I have the same profession in the same area and we have the same level of experience. As such, our pay and expenses are similar. Furthermore, we have similar ideas about money. While we were comparing retirement amounts mandated by our respective counties, I said to the gentlemen, “By the way, in America most people don’t talk about money like we do.”

Good Man nodded, “Yeah, you two are ajummas.”

It’s true.

We went bowling together and played three games, ajummas against ajosshis. Ajummas beat ajosshis two games out of three! And I beat Good Man two games out of three. I averaged 116 over three games, which is amazing for me.

Ajumma power!