I pulled my peppers up today. Those water nannies certainly seemed to have worked to me, and the roots grew around them, which proves to me that they were getting water.

Pepper Plant Roots Around the Clay Stake

Rooted Stakes

Roots Near the Stake Site

Several weeks ago, Good Man and I saw a squirrel on the porch. It was a surprise to both of us since we’d never seen one there.

Today I found a sprouting acorn and another acorn deep down in the pots. Good Man said, “The squirrel left them!” Funny, I’d thought the same thing.


I cut some Thai basil (left) and dill (right) seeds from my garden and I hope they’ll grow. I’m not sure if either variety was a hybrid, but I figure I’ll plant them and if worse comes to worse, just buy the seeds (dill) and transplants (Thai basil) as needed in the spring.

Seeds Harvested from my Garden

I also made a pint of pickled (refrigerator) peppers today. We’ll see if I like these.

Pickled Peppers