142 Random Thoughts

I can not wait until my grad class is over this quarter. I’ll only get a month off before my next class, but I’m just over it.

I love my job. I am finally, finally doing exactly what I wanted to do when I decided to go into education almost ten years ago. My kids are amazing, and the work is rewarding. My admin and I get along. But I forgot how much I hate the standard school year calendar.

Good Man and I went out with Diana and Min Gi last night. I bowled my best game ever—142. I called Grandpa to tell him. He was very proud and I can tell he’s happy that one of the grandkids is into bowling.

And then I found out that Grandma is in the hospital again.

I hate DST. It completely messes up my sleep and since everyone uses electricity, daylight saving saves nothing.

American life is boring.

Good Man doesn’t want to live in Korea. I don’t want to live in America. Yet we’re basically stuck here until he gets citizenship because no way in hell are we going through that time suck of getting him a green card again. I know it’s for the best—when he has his American citizenship, he’ll be dual and we can come and go here and there as we please, for the most part. But right now, waiting for that citizenship?

And I worry about being sucked into American life. I worry that the longer we stay here, the harder it will be to leave. Logically, I know that’s pretty ridiculous. I left Atlanta after seven years. It was the only thing I knew in my adult life. I left Korea even though I was happy there. I have itchy feet. He has itchy feet. One of the things we’ve agreed on all along is that we won’t live in either of our countries forever. I know we’ll move, eventually, but I worry. It’s in my nature to pre-worry.

My car is making a rattling noise and I am afraid it’s going to cost us thousands of dollars to fix and seriously, I’d rather use that money to go to Korea this summer.