Well, That Won’t Be Happening

There is no way that I’m going to reach my 1,000,000 jaso goal in Korean reading this year.

I got a bunch of children’s picture books from my ex-coworker’s daughter, and before sticking them in a box (to give to Fusion Couple Friends Who Want Kids? to put up on BookMooch? to list on Cragislist?), I’ve been reading them. Yesterday I flew through:

뭐든지 파는 가게 (A book about a man who sold everything and customers who came in for specifically-shaped things.)
해님 뭐해요? (A cute book about the sun going to sleep.)
통통아, 빨리 와! (A book about a fat pig who visits a rather angry duck.)
잠이 안 오니, 잔은 곰아? (A book about a bear who won’t go to sleep.)

Despite the fact that I won’t reach my goal, I’ve still been enjoying reading in Korean. As well as the picture books, I’ve also finished a translation from a French children’s novel, about a fat kid who beats someone up at school after watching a sumo match, and who gains friends because of it.

Next up? The comic book I found in the gu office when we registered our marriage—it’s some propaganda from the K-CIA to encourage kids to report North Korean spies. It seems fitting, no?