Bowling, Chinese Food and Mr Joker

As I’ve said in previous posts, I don’t celebrate Christmas really. Christmas Eve, Good Man and I went to Diana’s parents house for dinner.

Today, Mark, his Lover, Diana and Min Gi came over to our place. Mark and his Lover told me how to replace the belt in my vacuum, which was embarrassing since if I’d even looked at the side of the vacuum I would’ve seen “belt.” Ah, bliss! I can clean my floors again!

Then we finally got to introduce Diana and Min Gi to the addictive, curse-inducing game of Mr Joker. We played one game while waiting for an order of Chinese food. When the driver arrived, we cheered. He grinned and shrugged his shoulders, “Merry Christmas!”

After chowing down on some Chinese, we headed out to bowl, since it was $10 all-day, all you-can-bowl. We played five games in our three-person Mr Joker teams. My team lost Mr Joker all three times, but we gone four out of five bowling games. Ha!

We stopped by HMart to pick up some dessert (and to get free calendars, which have the lunar dates on them, thankfully) and then headed back to our place for two more games of Mr Joker.

A very nice afternoon!

Mr Joker