Amanda Ssi Ssi

“You could become a diplomat,” Good Man said, “and you already have a Korean name, just like 심은경.”

“장미란, but I need my own last name. What’s the least common last name in Korean?”


“How do you know that?” I asked him.

“I read it in a book several years ago.”

“Amanda Seed? Seed Beautiful Orchid? Awesome. I could be Amanda Ssi-ssi,” I said, referring to the Korean -씨 honorific. (No, it’s not usually used with full names, but rather with first names. I was just joking around.)

I thought for a moment. “What about 권?” 권 is the counter word used for counting books. “I can be Amanda Book Counter!”

“That’s not what that means,” Good Man said.

“‘Don’t you get it?'” I said, using Good Man’s pet phrase. “I counted all my characters this year. I counted books. I am a book counter! 권!”

Good Man shook his head, “That sounds Chinese. You are not Chinese.”

“I’m not Korean either,” I said.

“You are more Korean than me.”