I Am Not Good at Bowling and Have Proof

Over the winter break, I somehow talked Good Man into joining a bowling league.

“I think we should join a bowling league. I’m going to sign us up.”

Good Man looked at me and sighed. “OK.”



Tuesday? Out because I have class. That meant Monday was out because I procrastinate. Wednesday had no new leagues, and Good Man often has volunteer work in any case. Thursday’s league was too late at night. We wanted our weekends open because Good Man volunteers every Saturday and I work every other Saturday morning. And in any case, those leagues seemed more competitive or they were adult/youth leagues.

Friday night it was!

“There will be a lot of couples in this league,” I said to Good Man.

“How do you know?”

“One male and one female per team, and the name is Ball and Chain League.”

“What is ‘ball and chain?'”


Lucky Ball and Chain (They Might be Giants)

Ball and Chain (Social Distortion)


So last week we went. The league secretary went over all of the rules and asked if anyone was new to league bowling. I nodded my head. She looked at us and another couple who was also new. “Well, just follow along. Everyone else will help you out.”

If living in Korea taught me anything, it was how to just follow along and how to trust other people.

We also found out it was a USBC-sanctioned league. I filled out all of the paperwork and said to Good Man, “Now you get to be a member of a congress.” I paused, “And we need a team name.”

Good Man looked at me. “Huh?”

“A team name.”

“I don’t care.”

“How about Hanmi?” 한미 means Korean-American. Good Man nodded.

The team we were up against was good. We were not. But it was a lot of fun with high fives and cheering when anyone did well. “Well” being entirely relative to the person bowling of course.

It was strange getting used to bowling over two lanes, though.

This week we returned and our opponent wasn’t there. They’re going to post-bowl the game later. I looked at the results from the first week.

We have the highest handicap of the league. Our handicap as a team is 205. The next highest team’s handicap is 190 and the lowest is 30.

In short: we suck the most.

However, with our handicap, last week we tied one game, lost one game, and won one game. (This seems completely ridiculous to me, but I guess that’s the point of handicapping, isn’t it?)

I suck the most of every single person. My handicap is 106. Ha ha!


Tonight we did better than last week. During his last game, Good Man had strikes or spares in the first six out of seven frames (or was it five out of six?) and I actually got over 100. When we’re bowling together, I rarely score under 100. For some reason at league, I’m struggling to get over 100.

Oh well! I’m just following along and having a blast while doing it!

One thought on “I Am Not Good at Bowling and Have Proof

  1. Comment from: Kotaatok [Visitor] · http://kotaatok.blogspot.com
    Everyone bowls worse at first when they join a new league even when they have heaps of experience. You have to learn how to settle down and play the game without getting worked up about your score, your team members scores or who you are playing against.

    The other thing with bowling your average will go up if you bowl more than once a week. If you get a chance have a lesson with the bowl pro to learn about the boards and how to adjust your aim for your style of bowling.

    My style is ugly but it works for me. I am a right hand backup Brooklyn bowler. Good luck and have fun in the league.

    Ps my average now as a non league bowler is around 125 but when I was bowling league 3 times a week it was 240.
    01/29/11 @ 19:05

    Comment from: admin [Member] Email
    I actually don’t care that we are the worst on the league. I just find it funny because with the handicapping, we actually don’t seem terrible. I’ve never done a sport with handicapping and I think I like it.

    We actually DO bowl more than once a week, most weeks. In fact, we just went out today and bowled five more games each. Good Man got a personal high of 181. I got 5 pins within my personal best and then went all mental on myself. Oh well.

    However, we couldn’t afford to do league three times a week! We bowled ten games total today for just over half what weekly league costs us. (We get emails from the local AMF and they have great deals sometimes!)

    This summer my average was 60. And Good Man didn’t like bowling. Then my grandfather (who is 90 and recently bowled a 240 game) taught us how to “find our marks.” Good Man fell in love with bowling and we both immediately got better. Right now my average is about 105. I figure that it’s going to take practice, practice, practice. Right now I am primarily working on my release. I know what I’m doing wrong–now I need to fix it.

    The thing I like most about bowling is how fun it is, even when I’m not doing well. I like taekwondo, too. I used to like running. But I sometimes had to WORK to get out of the house to do those things. I don’t have to work to go out and bowl because it’s so much fun. :)
    01/29/11 @ 19:19

    Comment from: Helena [Visitor] · http://wedoitthehardway.blogspot.com/
    Yay for They Might be Giants. ^^
    02/01/11 @ 14:56

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