Sweet Wormy Love

I was supposed to get my worms for the classroom composting bin on Wednesday. And then we had a snow day. Followed by two more. And then the weekend. When I finally got the worms today, I was afraid they’d be dead. But I opened up the five containers of worms (500 worms, about a half pound) and dumped them into the bedding. They all appeared to be alive.

Except for two worms that is, who were not really moving and who looked very odd, and slightly swollen. I picked them out of the bedding, trying to see if they were alive or dead.

And then I realized they were mating.


I guess they were very much alive.

And mating.

In my palm.

I watched them for a while since it was all new to me. Then I went and showed the worms to my vice principal. “So, not only were the worms alive, but I caught them making sweet wormy love.”

She burst out laughing and then looked at me. “How do you know they’re having sex?”

“Well, see that swollen band? That’s the sexual organ, and they’re wrapped up together and have sort of a mucus on them. That’s how you know they’re mating.”

“How do you know these things?”

I shrugged. “I read.”

“You were meant to be a GT teacher,” she said.