Last night Good Man and I met Mark and his Lover over at Diana and Min Gi’s house. We had a great dinner and played three games of Mr Joker. Team Civilian (Mark, Diana, and I) beat Team Military three times in a row. Wha-hoo!

Today, Diana and Min Gi came over to our place and we went bowling since AMF was having an “all you bowl for $10 on Super Bowl Sunday” deal.

Speaking of bowling, Good Man and I did terribly at our bowling league this week. And by that I mean “Good Man did better this week than last at league and I did so terribly that I pulled him down and we lost all seven available points.”

Enough about league.

We bowled six games (yes, my shoulder aches). During the first game I got my first turkey (three strikes).

“My first turkey, my first turkey!”

I then pulled out a personal high of 156 (former personal best was 142). Every other game was also over 100 and Diana and I beat the men four games out of six.

Now why can’t I do that at league?