A Clean Desk

“Ms S,” said the student who thinks I need a dog, “are you getting a sub?”

“Why?” I asked. Usually I tell the students if I’m going to get a sub. I’ve been feeling ill for a few days and haven’t decided if I’ll get a sub or not tomorrow, but I wrote up plans just in case. Since I’m not sure if I’ll be out, I didn’t tell the students.

“Well,” he said carefully, “you cleaned your desk. And your desk is only clean when you’re getting a sub.”

I tried hard not to laugh. Am I that transparent? I smiled and headed to the door, “I need to go to class boys and girls, bye!”

The student looked at his table group. “I think she’s getting a sub.”

One thought on “A Clean Desk

  1. Comment from: Mark [Visitor]
    I can’t imagine why your desk isn’t always spotless. I mean, your room was always so immaculate growing up! :P
    02/10/11 @ 15:11

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