167 Thoughtful Forks

Good Man brought me a half a piece of cake.

“Thank you, can I have a fork?”


“How should I eat this without a fork?”

Good Man stared at me. “Thoughtfully.” He left the room, “You are not like MacGyver. You are not really American.”


We had a really nice weekend. Yesterday we met Diana and Min Gi for lunch. We attempted to go bowling but the place near Diana’s place is always running leagues and nothing was open. We ended up relaxing at their place, the menfolk watching some Korean documentary, the womenfolk bitching about No Child Left Behind and the plight of education in America.

In the evening, we had dinner with Diana’s parents. Diana’s parents have sort of adopted us. We spent Christmas Eve at their house, for example. One day, Good Man and Min Gi went sailing with Diana’s Dad. Diana’s Mom gave me quilting hints when I told her I was making Dad a denim quilt.

Anyhow, Diana’s Mom called it a Valentine’s Day dinner, and Diana’s sister and boyfriend came as well. We had food at a great Korean restaurant (which Good Man loved, since he’s been craving Korean lately) and shared first date stories. A very nice day and evening.


Today, Good Man and I tried bowling again. Although we had coupons for AMF, we went to the Bowl America. Since we are league bowlers ($1 discount per game) and we were wearing red (one free game each, for Valentine’s Day) the total cost of eight games came in at under $18. Not a bad price at all.

I won three out of four games and beat last week’s personal high score! My new personal high is 167!

Now. Why can’t I do that at league??

One thought on “167 Thoughtful Forks

  1. Comment from: HL [Visitor]
    Performance anxiety, perhaps. Just pretend the league is your classroom and SCHOOL that ball down the lane.
    02/14/11 @ 21:17

    Comment from: admin [Member]
    I think part of it is the freshly-oiled lanes at league, too. But yeah, I do need to school it.
    02/14/11 @ 22:22

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