Schooling the Ball. A Little Bit.

At league tonight we went up against a team I’m been looking forward to going up against, because the wife and I have chatted before league most weeks.

While I didn’t “school that ball” as HL suggested, I did do a lot better than last week, when my three games were 73, 107, and 110. This week I decided that no matter what happened, I was not going to let the game get to my head. I bowled a 102, 116 and 114. Not great, but since my league average is 99, it was great for me at league. Good Man bowled 100, 125, 122 and his league average is 118, so he did a little worse than usual.

The team we were up against didn’t do as well as they usually do and once we factored in the handicap, we ended up winning all three games.

The lanes were drier than last week, but the ball return on one of the lanes kept getting stuck, which was really annoying.

I had no idea when we signed up for league that there was prize money for everyone. Even the really bad teams. Last week we voted on prize distribution options. We haven’t found out which option won the most votes, but even if we’re the absolute worst team, we’ll end up with at least $130 as a team at the end.