The Bad Luck Team

As soon as the league secretary approached us tonight, I knew what was coming. “Not another postbowl?”

“Well, yeah, they called and the guy…something with work.”

“Every even week, we get a postbowl. Are we the Bad Luck Team?” I joked.

She nodded, “It does seem to happen in every league, that there’s one team who always gets postbowled against.”

It’s not nearly as fun to bowl without another team to cheer with. But we did win two out of three games and the series against the team we should’ve lost to, the team who’s so good they don’t even have a handicap. And the first team that postbowled against us, we won most of the games. So maybe postbowling is better for us. Ha.

Good Man and I did OK tonight. He was one pin short of +1 over average and I was two pins short of the same goal. Good Man also scored a 153, his best league game so far.