One Excitement After Another

I took a personal day today, making a three-day weekend on our legal wedding anniversary. It ended up being a great day.

We stopped at the bank and got $100 in quarters for laundry. I sorted through the quarters and found the last quarter I needed to complete my Philadelphia mint state quarters collection. (Yes, I am a dork. I’m OK with that.)

We also stopped by a thrift store. I’d been in there Wednesday and had seen some trenches in great shape. Good Man tried them on and I learned he has gorilla arms, so no trenches for him. But while we were there, I found a lilac leather coat for $10 and a tan leather trench for $25. I want to learn how to sew leather, but I don’t want to learn on the fabric I want to sew with. I considered how much cheaper it would be to use thrifted leather to practice sewing on. The trench had more fabric but a lot of annoying white top-stitching and shaping. I decided to get the lilac coat because it would be easier to take apart, and I’d get larger fabric pieces from it.

Trick Box
I also found a $2 trick box that I couldn’t open. Good Man said it would be impossible to open. It took me 45 minutes, but I finally figured out the ten steps needed to remove the lid. I was rather excited and pleased. Good Man tried to act unimpressed, but I know he was proud of me. That $2 was some good entertainment. Now I just need to decide what to keep in my trick box.

At bowling, we went up against the team that is at our level. Their team handicap is 194 and ours is 190. We were the ninth and tenth teams for several weeks and had joked that it was a race to the bottom.

We won one game and the series, taking home three points to their four points. I bowled a personal league best of 136 (old best was 128) and a series personal best of 366 (compared to 332). That would probably get me Star of the Week for this week—except I picked it up for bowling a series that was 10 pins over average last week. (That isn’t that impressive since this week I was 63 pins over average.)

Star of the Week

I’m not sure how that happened since our opponent last night also earned it and we’re in the same division. You can only earn one Star of the Week, and I’m pretty sure most people in league earn it by the end of the season because of that.

If you win Star of the Week, you can compete in the Star of the Month tournament. You can compete each month until you win Star of the Month. So people say the Star of the Week thing is just a money-making scheme. But the monthly competition is only $8.25 for three games, which isn’t a bad price at all. You’re trying to beat your own average. So why not do it?

The league secretary told us that sometimes nobody comes in for the month, and sometimes the one person who comes in for the month wins. She said there was one guy who actually bowled below his average, but since he was the only one who bowled that month, he won. She looked at Good Man and said, “I’m not talking about you.”

Good Man had gone in on President’s Day, paid the $8.25 and bowled three games. He did go over his average, but he figured since he hadn’t heard, he must not have won.

Right before we started bowling, they came over the intercom and announced, “Ball and Chain League, [Good Man] won Star of the Month, come on up [Good Man], Star of the Month!”

Everyone started clapping and I caught the secretary’s eye. She said, “He won!” and pointed to his name, written on the board above the entrance.

Good Man looked at me and I said, “Go up, go up to the desk!”

“For what?”

“I don’t know, go up!”

He came back blushing, with a plaque in his hands. Now he’s eligible to bowl in the Star of the Year tournament in May.

Star of the Month