Bowling and Counting Down

Last week at league I scored a new personal best of 148 (my non-league best is 167). I also went over my average series, bringing my average up by one pin (I think). I beat Good Man’s series by 15 pins or so. It’s funny how he’s competitive when he’s beating me, but when I beat him, he’s suddenly in it “for the teamwork.”

I bowled again on Saturday and Sunday. Each day I ended up with one game in the 140s, one in the 110s, and one sub-100 game. Well, I am nothing if not consistently inconsistent.


My grad class ended last night. Thank God. The class got lengthened (tacked on a week) while the due date for assignments got shorted (due a week earlier than originally due) which made me Very Unhappy. Still, the class was worthwhile, and when I get my grade, I should be eligible to actually teach my students by the county’s endorsement. The state endorsement will take one additional class to obtain. I’m looking forward to the break from my classes.