Growing Season

I’m so excited spring is here. This year my container garden is getting even bigger. I’m not sure how I’m actually going to fit everything I want to grow in, but I’ll make it work. (Good Man said, as we were leaving Home Depot with $100 worth of soil, manure, and seedlings, “It is a damn good thing we don’t own a house.”)

Indoors, I’ve started three varieties of Korean peppers, Korean sesame leaves, and basil from the seeds leftover from last year. I also started some Thai basil from seeds I collected from the plant I had last year. I started the seeds 3/13 and need to restart some more sesame and Thai basils. I’ll probably do that this weekend.

Indoor Garden Starting (20 March 2011)

Outdoors I’ve got sugar snap peas I started from seed 3/12. The peas sat around for two weeks or so before even peeking out. When they finally did sprout, they sat around for a bit more, as if they needed to decide to grow.

The “trellis” is actually dried up stalks from last season’s Korean peppers! I’m not sure if it’ll work, but I thought it was worth a shot.

If all goes according to plan, the peas should be done just about the time I need the pot for my Korean peppers.

Sugar Snap Peas (5 April 2011)

I also bought strawberries and romaine lettuce transplants. I bought two varieties of strawberries, one ever-bearing and one June-bearing. I know strawberries are generally slow the first year, good crops the second, and one more crop during the third year. So these pots will be used during the whole season.

Strawberries and Romaine (5 April 2011)

My mint is also trucking along. The more I ignore it, the better is grows. I might dump it out and loosen up the soil and roots, but I also might just continue to practice my method of doing nothing with it.

Peppermint (5 April 2011)

I’ve also go Baby Blue Eyes flowers going, but there isn’t much to see yet. When I can put things outside, I’m also going to grow some more dill from seeds I collected from last year’s dill.

As an experiment, I’m also going to try growing a pineapple plant from the crown of a pineapple. Good Man doesn’t know it yet, but I was given an indoor growing kit from a coworker. I was expecting something small for herbs, but it’s actually much larger. So in the winter, I should be able to keep the pineapple going. Just don’t ask me where it’s going to go in our house.