Who’s Tilted?

Back in August or so, I made a pair of patterned wrap pants. I don’t know what I was thinking when I made those pants. I decided to rip the wrapped pants apart so I could use the patterned fabric.

Gored Skirt

I drafted a gored skirt (8 panels) pattern. You may remember that I drafted a gored skirt pattern for my Problem and Solution skirt, but that it ended up being too large in the waist. I fixed that this time.

But I only had enough of the patterned fabric to do the center front and back. No problem! I bought some black cotton fabric to do the sides. The patterned fabric is a tad heavier weight than the black fabric. Next time I won’t make that mistake.

I used that same fabric to do a Hong Kong underlining (I’ve also seen it called a European turned underlining). This means that under every gore, I have a piece of the black fabric. In the summer, this will be great since I won’t need a slip to prevent see-through. When I’m wearing tights, however, I need to wear a slip in order to prevent cotton-on-cotton-stickiness.

Hong Kong Underlining

This skirt was probably the best I’ve ever done with an invisible zipper, and I finished the waistband and hem with bias tape.

When I tried the skirt on, I realized I have a tilted waist. This means I like everything to sit higher on the back of my waist than in the front. When I discovered this, I tried on a variety of skirts and pants from my closet. Yep. I just prefer that clothing ride higher in the back than in the front. This explains so much!

I tied elastic to my waist, settled the skirt in place, and pulled up on the front as much as possible to keep the grain straight. I had to stop at a certain point though, or the waistband would’ve become huge. I used my chalk marker (with the help of Good Man) to mark the front hem. My front center panels ended up being 3″ shorter than my back panels. Since this skirt fits so well, I think I’m going to copy this SKIRT to make my new gored skirt pattern. It will have multiple pieces (instead of just one pieces used over and over) but that’s OK. It’ll fit and the pieces will be on grain!

I wore the skirt to school today and got a lot of compliments on it. I like it, I think I’ll wear it often this summer.