Shimmy Shimmy


“Yes, Mother?”

“You should practice belly dancing!”

I looked at Good Man. “Did you tell your Mom?”

He shook his head, “No, did you?”

Mother gave her what-are-you-talking-about smile and asked, “뭐?”

“I signed up for a four-week belly dancing class with a friend from work.”

“Oh, good idea, it will make you slim,” Mother approved.

“But having hips is OK in belly dancing.”

She nodded, “Yes, and you have hips.”

When we hung up the video chat, I looked at Good Man. “What in the world made you mother think of belly dancing? Is some Korean actress doing it?”

He shrugged, “Probably.”

I have a coworker I like. She was assigned to be my “buddy” this year, and I’ve wanted to get to know her better. We’ve gone bowling with Good Man and Mark’s Lover, but I wanted to get to know her one-on-one.

Groupon offered a “crash course” to belly dancing for only $39. I was interested in going because it sounded like fun, but I wasn’t sure I wanted to make a fool out of myself. I’m not a dancer, I’ve never danced.

Coincidentally, My Buddy forwarded an email from her friend (who attends the school), encouraging people to take advantage of the Groupon offer. I mentioned that I was interested in doing it and asked her if she wanted to as well.

I’m not sure if she convinced me or if I convinced her, but we went to our first class today. I wasn’t sure what to expect, and I was worried the class would be too hard. She wasn’t sure what to expect and thought it would be too easy. We were both pleased with the difficulty level—and best of all, it was so much fun!

Learn a move, practice it. Learn another move, practice it. Put the two together. Learn a third move, practice it, put the three together. The class was actually a lot like taekwondo. I can do that!