Hot Spots and Dragonflies

Good Man and I went hiking (more like trail walking) yesterday. We went to Scott’s Run Nature Preserve. It was our first time there and we basically did an in-and-out rather than a loop. The Preserve is very close to our house and I was surprised to find such a park so close to the Beltway. The weather was cool, misty, and overcast. It was pretty much perfect hiking weather.

Good Man’s Kim Jong Il Point

As I’ve described before, I was raised in a hiking/camping/fossil-finding family. Real camping, with no running water and no showers. I invited a friend camping and she showed up with tons of makeup in case we met cute boys. I was confused; I had no idea that some people considered camping going to a campground with running water and boys. Although Good Man hiked in the Scouts a bit, and in the military (a bit—he apparently mostly found ways out of it), he didn’t have the same childhood “get back to nature” experiences I did.

Perhaps it’s cultural. America’s urbanization and move from farm to city was much earlier (relatively speaking) than Korea’s, and America had that whole Manifest Destiny thing going on. Maybe that accounts for part of it.

Inchworm Inching Up Its Thread

In any case Good Man and I have lived here nearly three years, and we haven’t done much nature exploring. I finally decided to drag Good Man on some short hikes, so last week we went to REI and got him some actual hiking boots. Those old sneakers he tries to wear just weren’t going to cut it.

In the Woods

Before we headed out, I told Good Man he should at least wear his boots around the house for an hour or so to help break them in. He told me he didn’t need to. I was doubtful, but thought, Fine, he can find out on his own when he gets a blister.

You know where this is headed, right? Good Man had absolutely no problems, while I got a hot spot wearing ten-year old, broken-in boots. That’s just not fair.

Small Streams


Scott’s Run Waterfall


The hike down to the waterfall was pleasant and the park wasn’t very crowded. We walked along the river for a bit. When we saw this tire, Good Man said, “Hmm, I wonder who drove here?” You’d think someone would drag the tire out of the park.


I also found a bunch of very slow-moving dragonflies. Good Man shook his head, “No, no, no, Amanda…”


Beauty Shot

Any time I stop to take a picture of insects or animals or flowers or… Good Man sighs, “My wife is a country girl. My wife should not be teacher. My wife should be insect person.”



“Don’t you find nature interesting?”

“It is what it is. It goes on. I do not need to take pictures.”

I poked him. “When we met you said you liked photography and that my Korean would improve if I hung out with a Korean guy like you. You lied.”

Good Man shrugged, “But I got you! So it worked! 짜잔~!”

Black and White

The Eyes Have It

“Oh, my wife…”

“You chose me! 짜잔~!”