Flash Mob, Belly Dancing Style

“Amanda! How are you?”

“Mother, do you know ‘flash mob?'”

“What? I don’t know that. What is that?”


I started belly dancing courses nearly four weeks ago and the owner of Saffron Studio organized a flash mob specifically designed to be easy enough for us new dancers to participate in.

I have been taking the classes with my coworker, and as soon as we heard about it, we nodded at each other. Of course we had to join in!

Waiting “Casually”

So today we had our flash mob. It was awesome! I will probably never a) participate in another flash mob or b) perform belly dancing in public, but it was totally worth it.

It was especially fun because my coworker was there and Mark’s old roommate was there, too. Turns out she did the Groupon crash course months ago and then joined the studio.

The Start of the Mob

Entering the Line

Double Hip Left

Closing the Car Door (Hip Accent)

Choo-Chooing to the Center and Then…

Throwing a Kiss

This is the official video. Unfortunately, I was far off to the right, so the best time to see me is at the very end, when I was crossing the street with Good Man. But there are other videos on YouTube where you can see me better.

I would love to take some more classes this summer, but because of Korea, I won’t be able to. However, I do intend to continue belly dancing. It’s such a great activity, so welcoming of women of all sizes and physiques. And walking around in a hip scarf just lifts your spirits.